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Since the medical clinic was established, the services Hohidiai provide have grown as the needs of the community cry out to be met. Children who were unwanted or ‘at risk’, often found their way into the hearts and homes of families on the base.

Grace and Vanesa

the hearts and homes

for the children

children living at base

More than 50 children live in family group homes (with 4-8 children) at Hohidiai and receive education, food, shelter, love and support.

The number of children in care continues to grow and as do the costs involved in providing staff, food, clothing, medical care and education. This led to the need to set up a sponsorship program. As the children in the sponsorship program don’t live in their family homes, there are higher care costs when compared to some other programs.

Sponsor a child at Hohidiai and make a difference to their future. Two options are available:

General sponsor a child

Partial for $60 a month or full for $120 a month.

School sponsor

$40 a month to assist a child attend Hohidiai school.

Email Carol for more information on the child sponsorship program at carol@hohidiai.org (donations are not tax deductible).


hohidiai school

In July 2011, a school was opened on the Hohidiai base to cater for the needs of local children as well as children living on the base. Some children come from close by and others from regional towns and villages

Our school’s vision is to see children from this area learn, develop, grow and to become leaders and positive role models in these communities. To give them an opportunity for a high quality education and bright options for the future, we have a strong focus on academic and personal growth. Read more…

Sponsor a child at Hohidiai and make a difference to their future

About us

Hohidiai is devoted to helping people physically and emotionally, especially the poor and marginalised.
We run a medical clinic, provide accommodation for orphaned and abandoned children and rehabilitation for patients needing long-term medical care in North Maluku, Indonesia.

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PO Box 1599
Manado 95015
North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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