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Hohidiai School has Indonesian teachers and we are currently using Australian accredited curriculum and Indonesian national curriculum. Students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, well educated families and also underprivileged families.

Our school’s vision is to see children from this area learn, develop, grow and to become leaders and positive role models in these communities. To give them an opportunity for a high quality education and bright options for the future. We have a strong focus on academic and personal growth.

Our mission is to provide an International education of excellent quality.

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Bright future

for the children

School Attendance

Our school attendance has been excellent. The only absences have been due to illness or injury and so this is a good sign!  The children are thriving in this environment. Now when you stroll around the base, you see school children playing together, playing organised games, making fun out of whatever happens to be there and it makes your heart happy.

Two options are available:

Please email Carol for more information on the child sponsorship program at carol@hohidiai.org (donations are not tax deductible).

If you know primary or secondary teachers who are ready for an exciting and rewarding experience and would like to join us, please contact Hendra Pontomudis, Principal, at hpontomudis@hohidiai.sch.id

Sponsor a child at Hohidiai and make a difference to their future

About us

Hohidiai is devoted to helping people physically and emotionally, especially the poor and marginalised.
We run a medical clinic, provide accommodation for orphaned and abandoned children and rehabilitation for patients needing long-term medical care in North Maluku, Indonesia.

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PO Box 1599
Manado 95015
North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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