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The medical clinic at Hohidiai sees up to 12,000 patients a year and offers free general medical, optical and dental care. These patients are amongst the poorest and without the clinic, may not have been able to receive care and treatment for their illnesses.

We also have TB and leprosy treatment/rehabilitation centres which offer long-term care to patients. Many of our patients have been rejected by their villages so the centres also offer a safe, comfortable environment to heal.

We are also focused on the treatment, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS and offer accommodation to those affected who need care and support.


a safe and comfortable

environment to heal

Community education

At Hohidiai, we believe in not only on the rehabilitation and treatment of diseases but also educating in schools and within the wider community to prevent the spread of diseases.

Training local workers

Indonesian nationals are being trained to be medical and health care workers.

Through our medical worker/students sponsorship program, we are all helping to ensuring a brighter and healthier future of all.

We have supported the training of midwives, nurses, dental staff, a laboratory technician, doctors, a pharmacist and health care workers.Through our medical worker/student sponsorship program, we are all helping to ensuring a brighter and healthier future for all!

We also currently have a number of staff in university studying to obtain various dental and medical degrees.

Sponsor a medical worker so we can continue to build the skills within the clinic.

About us

Hohidiai is devoted to helping people physically and emotionally, especially the poor and marginalised.
We run a medical clinic, provide accommodation for orphaned and abandoned children and rehabilitation for patients needing long-term medical care in North Maluku, Indonesia.

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PO Box 1599
Manado 95015
North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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