Sustainability Projects

In running a non-for-profit organisation, the issue of funding, despite great generosity from many individuals and churches, can be a challenge. One way in which Hohidiai seeks to overcome this challenge is through sustainability projects.

Hohidiai’s chicken farm is one of those projects, aiming to produce enough eggs for people on the property to eat, and in the future, expand to meat production.

The chicken shed began in January 2023 with around 20 birds consisting of village chickens and a few ducks. Since then, more chickens have been added to their number by purchasing and raising day old chicks, as well as using an incubator to hatch eggs from Hohidiai’s own supply.

As at March 2024, there were over 300 laying hens, 203 chicks being raised, 16 village chickens, 17 ducks and 4 gees. In total, 569 birds.

In the first year since the laying hens started to lay in March 2023, until the end of February 2024, Hohidiai were able to harvest 44,518 eggs with a market value of AUD$12,720, with costs currently running at 45% of the market value of each egg produced.