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Health and Community Care

Who we are?

Hohidiai endeavours to help people physically and emotionally, especially the poor and marginalised. We operate a medical healthcare clinic, provide scholarships for orphaned and abandoned children and community prevention education empowering villagers in North Maluku, Indonesia.

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We are dedicated to creating positive change in communities. Our projects focus on:

Youth Counselling Program

Supporting youth healing for abuse, neglect, and identity struggle in our community through our village and scholarship program, with online and in-person counseling. 

Sustainability Project

Hohidiai’s chicken farm is aiming to produce enough eggs for people on the property to eat, and in the future, expand to meat production.

Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program helps orphans and underprivileged youth attend school, pursue training, and earn degrees, breaking the poverty cycle.


We operate a 30-bed hospital and an outpatient clinic serving 1000+ patients monthly, offering holistic care for HIV-AIDS, Leprosy, Diabetes, and more.

Community Education

We help communities by interactive education sessions. To create safer, brighter futures preventing sexual abuse, domestic violence, trafficking and substance abuse.

Clean Drinking Water

Over 1,109 villagers use our free drinking water monthly, totaling 13,000 yearly visits, keeping families healthy and preventing disease.

Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre supports children ages 0-3, fostering growth in all areas to give them a head start in academics, literacy, and wellbeing.

Partner with us.

Volunteer in Indonesia or remotely.

Volunteers are greatly appreciated in all areas of Hohidiai’s work. Your time and expertise are a great encouragement, helping us get things done!

Provide a scholarship.

The number of children requiring scholarships continues to grow and as do the costs involved in providing food, clothing, medical care and education.

Sponsor a worker.

There are many workers at Hohidiai who need your sponsorship, from nurses to community educators, we need your partnership to reach the individual and community.

Get in touch with us.

Have any questions, concerns or feedback? Let us know.

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Hohidiai relies on the generous support from people just like you.