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Volunteers are greatly appreciated in all areas of Hohidiai’s work.  Your time and expertise is a great encouragement to Hohidiai, as well as getting work done!

We are quite a community now, and need help with administration, IT support, sewing, hairdressers, painting and many other areas.  If you are able to assist in any of these areas, please contact Peter peter@hohidiai.org.


Grace and Vanesa

children activities

With so many children living at Hohidiai (staff children, and those being cared for), we have lots of enthusiastic children who would love  you to assist with homework, holiday clubs, sports days, craft, music, drama, dance and many other activities.  If you are able to assist in this area, please contact Peter peter@hohidiai.org.

hohidiai school

We have  have an ongoing need for teachers and teacher assistants for this exciting venture.

We have over 220 students and want to expand by one grade each year as we recruit additional teachers. Currently, if you know primary or secondary teachers who are ready for an exciting and rewarding experience and would like to join us, please contact Hendra Pontomudis, Principal, at hpontomudis@hohidiai.sch.id

If you are interested in a teaching position, you will need to be granted a Visa by the Indonesian Department of Immigration and you must have:

  • Teacher Certification and at least 5 years’ teaching experience or a Masters degree
  • Ability to implement Australian Curriculum requirements
  • Strong character references

Students will be children from well-educated families and underprivileged children both from Hohidiai and the regional towns.

For further information about the school, visit Hohidiai School



Hohidiai tries to be self-sufficient with vegetables and fruit, which is a very big job! We would appreciate any help with tending our food gardens. We also need help tending the grounds around our buildings. Please contact Peter peter@hohidiai.org if you are able to assist.

building and other trades

We have ongoing building and maintenance projects, and need the time and expertise of builders, electricians, mechanics, painters, plumbers, carpenters and many more! Please contact Peter peter@hohidiai.org if you are able to assist.

About us

Hohidiai is devoted to helping people physically and emotionally, especially the poor and marginalised.
We run a medical clinic, provide accommodation for orphaned and abandoned children and rehabilitation for patients needing long-term medical care in North Maluku, Indonesia.

contact info

PO Box 1599
Manado 95015
North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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